1969 elections in India

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Elections in the Republic of India in 1969 included elections to six state legislative assemblies and to seats in the Rajya Sabha.

Legislative Assembly elections[edit]

1969 elections in India


Indian National Congress4,570,41330.46118
Bharatiya Jana Sangh2,345,78015.6334
Samyukta Socialist Party2,052,27413.6852
Communist Party of India1,515,10510.1025
Praja Socialist Party846,5635.6418
Loktantrik Congress Dal573,3443.829
Shoshit Dal552,7643.686
Janata Party501,0103.3414
Bharatiya Kranti Dal301,0102.016
Communist Party of India (Marxist)187,5411.253
Swatantra Party130,6380.873
Bihar Prant Hul Jharkhand56,5060.385
Backward Classes Party of India38,9950.260
Proutist Bloc of India29,6750.200
Socialist Unity Centre of India26,2590.180
All India Forward Bloc17,4520.121
Revolutionary Socialist Party6,3100.040
Republican Party of India5,0570.030
Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha2,1610.010
Bihar Prantiya Sudharavadi Party8550.010
Akhil Bharatiya Ram Rajya Parishad8110.010
Valid votes15,003,62997.08
Invalid/blank votes451,5302.92
Total votes15,455,159100.00
Registered voters/turnout29,274,25152.79
Source: ECI


India Nagaland Legislative Assembly 1969.svg
Nagaland Nationalist Organisation53,50738.6622New
United Front of Nagaland30,10921.7610New
Valid votes138,39999.81
Invalid/blank votes2590.19
Total votes138,658100.00
Registered voters/turnout176,93178.37
Source: ECI[1]



Result of Punjab Legislative Assembly election 1969[2]
Party contested Seats won change in seats popular vote %
Shiromani Akali Dal 65 43 Increase 43 13,81,916 29.36
Indian National Congress 103 38 Decrease 10 18,44,360 39.18
Bharatiya Jana Sangh 30 8 Decrease 1 4,24,008 9.01
Communist Party of India 28 4 Decrease 1 2,27,600 4.84
Communist Party of India (Marxist) 10 2 Decrease 1 1,44,610 3.07
Socialist Party 7 2 Increase 1 39,109 0.83
Punjab Janta Party 16 1 Increase 1 79,269 1.68
Praja Socialist Party 3 1 Increase 1 23,617 0.50
Swatantra Party 6 1 Increase 1 43,006 0.91
Independents 160 4 Decrease 5 4,18,232 8.89
Others 43 0 81,359 1.72
Total 471 104 47,07,086

Uttar Pradesh[edit]

India Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly 1969.svg
Indian National Congress7,893,15233.69211+12
Bharatiya Kranti Dal4,989,11621.2998New
Bharatiya Jana Sangh4,200,17517.9349–49
Samyukta Socialist Party1,831,3457.8233–11
Republican Party of India815,9643.481–9
Communist Party of India715,0923.054–9
Praja Socialist Party401,9991.723–8
Swatantra Party293,7811.255–7
Communist Party of India (Marxist)114,6160.4910
Uttar Pradesh Kisan Mazdoor Party112,5520.481New
Hindu Mahasabha67,8070.291New
Valid votes23,430,55496.72
Invalid/blank votes794,2323.28
Total votes24,224,786100.00
Registered voters/turnout44,812,43154.06
Source: ECI[3]

West Bengal[edit]

Rajya Sabha[edit]


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