1964 elections in India

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Legislative Assembly elections[edit]

Legislative Assembly elections in India were conducted for Nagaland Legislative Assembly and Puducherry Legislative Assembly in 1964.[1][2]


Nagaland was granted the statehood on 1 December 1963, and the first state assembly elections were held on January 10–16, 1964.[3] Naga Nationalist Organization (NNO) won 33 out of 46 seats in the Legislative Assembly. The National Democratic Party (NDP) won 11 seats in the Legislative Assembly.[1][4]

Valid votes62,17599.13
Invalid/blank votes5440.87
Total votes62,719100.00
Registered voters/turnout124,16650.51
Source: ECI[5]


Elections to the Legislative Assembly of the Indian Union Territory of Pondicherry took place on 23 August 1964.[6] These were the first Legislative Assembly elections after the formation of the new Union Territory.[7] 21 seats were won by Indian National Congress while rest of the seats were won by Independents and others.[2]

The results of 1964 election were summarized below:[8]:38

Parties and Coalitions Won Votes Vote % Change
  Indian National Congress 22[note 1] 91,338 54.3 Increase1
  People's Front 4 30,495 31.6 Decrease9
  Independents 4 46,218 27.5 Decrease1
  1. One candidate elected uncontested

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