Nocte language

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Native toIndia
Native speakers
33,000 (2001 census)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3njb

Nocte is a Northern Naga language of northeastern India. Alternate names include Borduria, Jaipuria, Mohongia, Namsangia, Nocte, Nokte, and Paniduria (Ethnologue).


  • Bote Naga
  • Hakhi Naga
  • Hakhun
  • Hame Naga
  • Hasik Naga
  • Hathim Naga
  • Khapa
  • Laju (Ollo Naga)
  • Lama Naga

Geographical distribution[edit]

According to Ethnologue, Nocte is spoken in the following locations.


  1. Nocte at Ethnologue (18th ed., 2015)

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