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India has many official names, expressing its linguistic diversity. Hindi in the Devanagari script is the official language of India as per Article 343 of the Constitution of India, while the clause 3 of Official Languages Act, 1963 mentions the, "Continuation of English Language for official purposes of the Union and for use in Parliament", thus denoting Hindi and English as the official languages of the Union,[1] and there is no national language for the country.[2][3] English has the status of a "subsidiary official language".[2][4] Hindi romanisation uses Hunterian transliteration, which is the "national system of romanisation in India" and the one officially used by the Government of India.The Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution lists 22 languages,[5] which have been referred to as scheduled languages and given recognition, status, and official encouragement.

Hindi and English[edit]

Full and short official names in Hindi and English.
Language Official short form Official full form
Devanagari भारत भारत गणराज्य
Hunterian transliteration Bhārat Bhārat Gaṇrājya
English India Republic of India

Eighth Schedule Languages[edit]

The short name for "India" and the full name for "The Republic of India" in languages recognised by Part XVII of the Constitution of India
Language Official short name for India [upper-alpha 1] Official full name for The Republic of India [upper-alpha 1] Details "Republic (of)"
Official Name Script Name [upper-alpha 2] Indian script [upper-alpha 3] Transliteration Indian script Transliteration or IPA Transliteration system shown Dialect details or script status Indian script Transliteration or IPA
Assamese Bengali‑Assamese ভাৰত Bhārôt ভাৰত গণৰাজ্য Bhārôt Gônôrāzyô গণৰাজ্য Gônôrāzyô
Bengali Bengali‑Assamese ভারত Bhārot ভারতীয় প্রজাতন্ত্র Bhārotiyo Projātôntro প্রজাতন্ত্র Projātôntro
Bodo Devanagari भारत Bhārôt भारत गणराज्य Bhārôt Gônôrājyô गणराज्य Gônôrājyô
Dogri Devanagari भारत Bhārat भारत गणराज्य Bhārat Ganrājya गणराज्य Ganrājya
Gujarati Gujarati ભારત Bhārat ભારતીય ગણતંત્ર Bhārtiya Gaṇtāntrā ISO 15919 ગણતંત્ર Gaṇtāntrā
Hindi Devanagari भारत Bhārat भारत गणराज्य Bhārat Ganrājya Hunterian गणराज्य Ganrājya
Kannada Kannada ಭಾರತ Bhārata ಭಾರತ ಗಣರಾಜ್ಯ Bhārata Gaṇarājya ISO 15919 ಗಣರಾಜ್ಯ Gaṇarājya
Kashmiri Perso‑Arabic in the Nasta'liq style ہِندوستان Hindōstān جۆمہوٗرِیہَ ہِندوستان [citation needed] Jomhūriyā Hindōstān shown on bank notes[citation needed] جۆمہوٗرِیہَ Jomhūriyā
Konkani Devanagari भारत Bharot भारत गणराज्य Bhārat Gaṇrājya गणराज्य Gaṇrājya
Maithili Devanagari भारत Bhārat भारत गणराज्य Bhārat Gaṇarājya गणराज्य Gaṇarājya
/bʱaːrət̪ᵊ gɐɳᵊraːd͡ʑjə/ IPA /gɐɳᵊraːd͡ʑjə/
Malayalam Malayalam ഭാരതം Bharatam ഭാരതീയ മഹാരാജ്യം Bhārtīya mahārājyaṁ ISO 15919 മഹാരാജ്യം Mahārājyaṁ
Marathi Devanagari in the Balbodh style भारत Bhārat भारतीय प्रजासत्ताक Bhārtīya Prajāsattāk प्रजासत्ताक Prajāsattāk
Meitei (Manipuri) Bengali‑Assamese ভারত Bharôt ভারত গণরাজ্য Bharôt Gôṇôrajyô গণরাজ্য Gôṇôrajyô
Meitei script ꯏꯟꯗꯤꯌꯥ [upper-alpha 4] Indiyā
Nepali Devanagari भारत Bhārat गणतन्त्र भारत Gaṇatantra Bhārat गणतन्त्र Gaṇatantra
Odia Odia ଭାରତ Bhārata ଭାରତ ଗଣରାଜ୍ୟ Bhārata Gaṇarājya ଗଣରାଜ୍ୟ Gaṇarājya
Punjabi Gurmukhi ਭਾਰਤ Bhārat ਭਾਰਤ ਗਣਰਾਜ Bhārat Gaṇrāj Perso-Arabic script is used for Pakistani dialects but has no official status in India.[citation needed] ਗਣਰਾਜ Gaṇrāj
Sanskrit Devanagari भारतम् Bhāratam भारतमहाराज्यम् Bhāratamahārājyam
Santali Ol Chiki ᱥᱤᱧᱚᱛ [upper-alpha 5] Siñôt ᱥᱤᱧᱚᱛ ᱨᱮᱱᱟᱜ ᱟᱹᱯᱱᱟᱹᱛ Siñôt Renāg Ăpnăt Mahali is a dialect of Santali.[6] ᱨᱮᱱᱟᱜ ᱟᱹᱯᱱᱟᱹᱛ Renāg Ăpnăt
Devanagari भारोत[7] Bharot
Sindhi Devanagari भारत Bhārat भारत गणतन्त्र [citation needed] Bhārat Gaṇtantra गणतन्त्र Gaṇtāntrā
Perso‑Arabic ڀارت جمھوريا ڀارت [citation needed] Jamhūriyā Bhārat جمھوريا [citation needed] Jamhūriyā
Tamil Tamil பாரதம்[8] Bhāratham பாரதக் குடியரசு[9] Bhārathak kudiyarasu குடியரசு Kudiyarasu
Telugu Telugu భారత Bhārata భారత గణతంత్ర రాజ్యము Bhāratha Gaṇathanthra Rājyamu ISO 15919 గణతంత్ర రాజ్యము Gaṇathanthra Rājyamu
Urdu Perso‑Arabic in the Nasta'liq style ہندوستان Hindustān جمہوریہ ہندوستان [citation needed] Jamhūriyā Hindustān Template:Uninaskh (Naskh)
جمہوریہ (Nastaliq)
  1. 1.0 1.1 Colours: the names are colour-coded by similarity.
  2. Official writing system(s) or script(s) are shown first for each language. (If they don't display on your device, most are available for Windows in the Microsoft font family Nirmala UI, or for all systems in the free fonts from Google's Noto fonts.)
  3. The short names link to the Wikipedia page about India in that language if available.
  4. Image of the text in the font Noto Sans Meetei Mayek. The script is also available in the Microsoft font family Nirmala UI.
  5. Image of the text in the font Noto Sans Ol Chiki. The script is also available in the Microsoft font family Nirmala UI.

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