Naga languages

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Naga languages
(geographic / cultural)
EthnicityNaga people
India, Myanmar
Linguistic classificationSino-Tibetan

The Naga languages are a geographic and ethnic grouping of languages under the Kuki-Chin-Naga languages, spoken mostly by Naga peoples.[1]

Northern Naga languages do not fall within the group, in spite of being spoken by Naga groups; instead, these form part of the Sal languages within Sino-Tibetan,[2] while Southern Naga languages form a branch within Kuki-Chin languages subfamily.[3]




The Angami-Pochuri languages:[4]

Central Naga (Ao)[edit]

The Central Naga languages:[5]

Koki is a "Naga" language spoken in and around Leshi Township, Myanmar that could possibly classify as Tangkhulic languages or Ao languages.


The Tangkhul-Maring languages:[6]

Western Naga (Zemeic)[edit]

The Western Naga (Zemeic) languages:[7]

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