Vaishnavivati (goddess)

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Goddess of Progress, Female aspects, female energy and wishes
Goddess Vaishnavivati (Consort of Ashvins).jpg
Artwork of Goddess Vaishnavivati
Other namesPushpakala, Dhaminivati, Ashwinikumarapriya, Bhādrāvatī and Yogita, Yogini and Yashasvi
AffiliationDevi, Shakti, Vaishnavism
MantraOm Vaishnavivati Devyayai Namah
MountGolden Chariot
TextsRigveda, Mahabharata, Puranas, Bhagavata Purana
Personal information
  • Adrashya Kumara (father)
  • Rohinivati (mother)
ChildrenNakula (spiritual son)
Sahadeva (spiritual son)

Vaishnavivati also known as ('Bhādrāvatī and Yogita) was the wife of Ashvins basically known as Ashwini Kumaras. She is the spiritual mother of Nakula and Sahadeva and she is the granddaughter of Krishna and Rukmini. She is also the goddess of fulfillment and joy. Some Hindus believe that she is also the goddess of wisdom sometimes. She also blessed Uttanpada who was the husband of Suniti and Suruchi. Her attachments are made with the story of Vishnu and Lakshmi, in which the Brahma Purana says Queen Rohinivati gave birth to her by the blessings of the planet gods. It was the choice of Krishna who chose his granddaughter as the wife of Ashvins. Basically, some stories of her legend match with Shiva making Parvati, a goddess.

Vaishnavivati is the only wife of Ashvins described in the Puranas, she is described to be the granddaughter of Krishna who didn't find any prince for her and directly he married her to Ashvins. After the marriage of Ashvins and Vaishnavivati, they made her a goddess.


She was born to King Adrashya Kumara and Rohinivati. When she was born, the planets gave the baby a blessing that her life will be hail and hearty.

Marriage with Ashvins

When Vaishnavivati grew up, Krishna and Rukmini decided to marry her to some rajkumara whom she loves, but Krishna didn't find any prince for Vaishnavivati and directly married her to Ashvins. The Ashvins made Vaishnavivati a goddess and therefore she was called "Ashwinikumarapriya", the beloved of Ashvins or Bhādrāvatī and Yogita. Her legends are depicted to be a princess and after her marriage, a goddess. She was married to Nasatya and Dasra both.

Worshipping the consort of Ashvins



  • Om Vaishnavivati Devyayai Namah,

some Hindus say that Ashvins wife was Vaishnavivati, and some say she is the goddess of female energy and progress.

Names of goddess Vaishnavivati

  • Pushpakala
  • Dhaminivati
  • Ashwinikumarapriya
  • Bhadravati
  • Yogita or Yogini
  • Yashasvi

Goddess Vaishnavivati is associated with seven names but her main names are - Ashwinikumarapriya, Bhādrāvatī and Yogita.

Legendary Mythology

Vaishnavivati is a firm goddess of wishes and she can grant any wish people like. She is depicted to have a sphere in her hand and her mount is golden chariot drawn by Ashva (horses). In wayangs,she stands with Nasatya, her first husband.


She is also depicted with the goddess Manda, wife of Shani. Her spiritual sons Nakula and Sahadeva used to worship her with Ashvins.

Story of Kalayavana

There is another story of Kalayavana when,Once, sage Narada does brahman (roaming) from here to there. Suddenly, he saw the demon Kalayavana coming towards him and said,"Who are you sage with a pony on your head?". Sage Narada replied,"O Murka Asura Kalayavan I'm Narada, the son of Lord Brahma and Mata Saraswati." Kalayavana said,"O sage tell me, do you know any goddess?", Sage Narada,"Yes!O Kalayavana!I know Devi Vaishnavivati, who is the wife of Ashvins, she is the beautiful granddaughter of Krishna and Devi Rukmini."Kalayavana said,"Where will I get this beautiful woman from?", Narada says,"She is in the Suryaloka with her husbands." Kalayavana thanks sage Narada and goes to Suryaloka. When he reaches Suryaloka, he finds Ashvins with a head like horses and their beautiful wife Devi Vaishnavivati talking to each other. When Kalayavana sees Ashvins's wife, he says,"O beautiful maiden come to me, I'll make you my queen, don't live with these horse headed husbands." Mata Vaishnavivati and Ashvins got angry, Vaishnavivati Devi said,"O Demon!, where did you came from, and who told that we live here."Kalayavana says," O Sundari. Devrishi Narada told me about your beauty and your grandparents. " Seeing this Vaishnavivati angrily calls Narada. Narada comes and says,"Narayan!Narayan! What happened Mata Vaishnavivati?", Devi Vaishnavivati said," Narad you have done a mistake. Why did you tell Kalayavana about me and what was the reason for him to come here, answer me." Sage Narada becomes afraid and apologizes to his mother, Vaishnavivati. When Kalayavana comes closer to her (Vaishnavivati), Mata Vaishnavivati uses her Shakti and holds Kalayavana with her Shakti and she threw him to Prithviloka (Earth).

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