Vandana (goddess)

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Vandana is among the second consorts of Revanta, she is the daughter in law of Surya and Sanjna. She is the affiliation of goddess Durga. Revanta has wives mentioned in the Purana named Devi- Bhagavata Purana. She is unnamed in the other puranas. Some sources are mentioned about her Vishnu Purana. She married Revanta, the son of Surya and Sanjna.

Vandana Devi
Goddess of Blessings and Wisdom
Other namesShalakha, Vishwaroopini, Visvárupa, Manasvini
Affiliationgoddess, Shakti, Parvati, Vaishnavism
MantraOm Vandana Devyaya Swaha
Personal information
ParentsMalavika (mother), Kardamabhuja (father)

Mythological characteristics

Devi Vandana is also mentioned in the Devi - Bhagavata Purana. She is the goddess of blessings and wisdom. In Padma Purana,Revanta is mentioned to have multiple consorts (Devis). Among these, goddess Lochana, goddess Vandana and goddess Madhavi are popular.

Popular contacts

She is a mother goddess who is worshipped in India and many more. Because she is most popularly with Revanta and people make sculpture of goddess Vandana Mata.


  • Shalakha
  • Vishwaroopini
  • Visvárupa
  • Manasvini

Revanta's wife (in order)

Revanta was hindu god. He is the son of Surya and Sanjna. According to some legends, he married three wives in Devi Bhagavata Purana. But in Padma Purana it is mentioned he has 7 wives but they are unnamed, but among them Madhavi, Vandana and Lochana are popular. Sometimes, with the statue of Revanta, Devi Vandana is also seen standing with him. However, the Vishnu Purana has many information about goddess Vandana.


She is depicted to have beautiful eyes like swan, lips like rose and a nose ring.


She is likely depicted to be angry only when something happens on Goddess Bhumi,the earth. But she has a another name "Revantsangini", wife of Revanta.

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