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India, officially the Republic of India is a country in South Asia. It is made up of 28 states and 8 union territories. All Indian states have their own government and the Union territories come under the jurisdiction of the Central Government. As most of the other countries India too has a national emblem—the Lion Capital of Sarnath.

Apart from India's national emblem, each of its States and Union Territories have their own state seals and symbols which include state animals, birds, trees, flowers etc.[1] A list of state trees of India is given below. See for a complete list of all State characters and seals.


State Common name Binomial name Image
Andhra Pradesh Neem[2] Azadirachta indica Neem (Azadirachta indica) in Hyderabad W IMG 6976.jpg
Arunachal Pradesh Hollong Dipterocarpus macrocarpus Sapling of Hollong tree (Dipterocarpus macrocarpus), the state tree of Assam.jpg
Assam Hollong Dipterocarpus macrocarpus Sapling of Hollong tree (Dipterocarpus macrocarpus), the state tree of Assam.jpg
Bihar Sacred fig (Peepal) Ficus religiosa Ficus religiosa Bo.jpg
Chhattisgarh Sal Shorea robusta Sal (Shorea robusta)- old leaf at Jayanti, Duars W Picture 122.jpg
Goa Coconut[3] Cocos nucifera Starr 031209-0059 Cocos nucifera.jpg
Gujarat Banyan[4] Ficus benghalensis Ficus-Benghalensis-Coral-Gables.JPG
Haryana Sacred fig[2] Ficus religiosa Ficus religiosa Bo.jpg
Himachal Pradesh Deodar Cedrus deodara Cedrus deodara Himalajazeder.JPG
Jharkhand Sal Shorea robusta Sal (Shorea robusta)- old leaf at Jayanti, Duars W Picture 122.jpg
Karnataka Sandalwood Santalum album Sandal leaf.jpg
Kerala Coconut[2] Cocos nucifera Starr 031209-0059 Cocos nucifera.jpg
Madhya Pradesh Banyan Ficus benghalensis Ficus-Benghalensis-Coral-Gables.JPG
Maharashtra Mango Mangifera indica Mangifera indica. Tropical Brazil.JPG
Manipur Uningthou[2] Phoebe hainesiana Phoebe hainesiana north Bengal AJTJ.JPG
Meghalaya White teak Gmelina arborea Gmelina arborea bark I IMG 3543.jpg
Mizoram Iron wood Mesua ferrea MesuaFerrea IronWood.jpg
Nagaland Alder Alnus nepalensis Alnus incana rugosa leaves.jpg
Odisha Sacred fig (Ashwattha) Ficus religiosa[5][6] Ficus religiosa Bo.jpg
Punjab Indian rosewood[2] Dalbergia sissoo Dalbergia sissoo.jpg
Rajasthan Khejri[2] Prosopis cineraria Jhand (Prosopis cineraria) at Hodal W IMG 1191.jpg
Sikkim Rhododendron Rhododendron niveum Rhododendron niveum - University of Copenhagen Botanical Garden - DSC07606.JPG
Tamil Nadu Palmyra palm Borassus Borassus flabellifer.jpg
Telangana Jammi Prosopis cineraria Jhand (Prosopis cineraria) at Hodal W IMG 1191.jpg
Tripura Agar Aquillaria agallocha Agarwood.jpg
Uttar Pradesh Ashoka Saraca asoca Sita-Ashok (Saraca asoca) leaves & flowers in Kolkata W IMG 2272.jpg
Uttarakhand Burans Rhododendron arboreum Rhododendron in full bloom! (8620051426).jpg
West Bengal Alstonia , ছাতিম গাছ Alstonia scholaris [7] Alstonia scholaris.jpg

Union territories

Union territory Common name Binomial name Image
Andaman and Nicobar Islands Andaman redwood[2] Pterocarpus dalbergioides Andaman padauk 02.JPG
Chandigarh Mango Tree[8] Mangifera Indica Starr 070221-4713 Mangifera indica.jpg
Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu Not yet designated
Delhi Flamboyant[9] Delonix regia Royal Poinciana.jpg
Jammu and Kashmir Chinar Platanus orientalis Platanus orientalis tree.JPG
Ladakh Not yet designated
Lakshadweep Bread fruit Artocarpus altilis Uru-tahiti1.jpg
Puducherry Bael fruit tree Aegle marmelos Bael (Aegle marmelos) tree at Narendrapur W IMG 4116.jpg

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