Awadhi language

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अवधी avadhī
Native toIndia, Nepal, Fiji (as Fiji Hindi)
RegionIndia: Awadh and Lower Doab regions of Uttar Pradesh, as well as Madhya Pradesh and Delhi Nepal: Lumbini Zone, Kapilbastu District; Bheri Zone, Banke District, Bardiya District and most part of the Uttar Pradesh
Native speakers
38 million (2001)[1]
  • Fiji Hindi
  • Gangapari
  • Mirzapuri
  • Pardesi
  • Uttari
  • Tharu
  • Degauri Tharu
  • Pratapgarhi
Devanagari, Kaithi
Official status
Official language in
No official status
Language codes
ISO 639-2awa
ISO 639-3awa

Awadhi is an Indo-Aryan language. This language was spoken in a wide area including Lucknow and Ayoudhya (Awadh) earlier. Goswami Tulasidas wrote Ramcharitmanas, Geetavali, Kavitavali, and all his Shri Ram poems in this language.

Hindi is a much newer language mostly based on Awadhi and Braj Bhasha.


  1. Awadhi at Ethnologue (16th ed., 2009)

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