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Scientific European
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Cover of the January 2018 issue
Edited byUmesh Prasad
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ISO 4Sci. Eu.
ISSN2515-9534 (print)
2515-9542 (web)
OCLC no.1031714677

Scientific European (also known as SciEu or SE) is a European popular science magazine covering science news and articles in various research areas in science and technology[1].


The idea of a ‘European’ magazine on line with the American science magazine ‘Scientific American’ has been lingering for some time following the Declaration on European Identity [2] during Copenhagen European Summit in 1973. Apparently, some people in Europe thought of ‘Scientific European’ as an expression of European identity in the field of science journalism.

Relationship with Scientific American: the first initiative

According to Global brand data base, the title ‘Scientific European' was a French and International trademark owned by Scientific American Inc[3]. It was published as a periodical in 1990 from Heidelberg, Germany by Spektrum-der-Wiss.-Verl.-Ges[4] to which ‘Scientific American’ (ISSN 0036-8733) was a related title[5].  

Association with Spektrum

After 1990, the usage of the title ‘Scientific European’ discontinued but the publication continued in the name of Spektrum as evidenced by the fact that the websites and are redirected to the Spektrum der Wissenschaft published from Germany.

As a blog  

In 2005, the title "Scientific European" was used for a science blog [6],[7]. It started in May 2005 and discontinued after month of August in the same year.

As a serial publication  

Publication of Scientific European as a serial magazine in print and online format began in 2017 from United Kingdom. The first issue, as a monthly popular science magazine[8] appeared in January 2018. Since then, the publication is continuing albeit irregularly. Unlike the one published in 1990, this ‘Scientific European’ is un-related to ‘Scientific American’; much newer and less popular[9] than the later.    

The Founder[edit]

Scientific European magazine was founded in 2017 by Umesh Prasad[10]

Open Access[edit]

The articles in the magazine are available under open access[11] policy. It aims to bridge the gap between science and the common man[12].

Language of Publication[edit]

Scientific European is published in English. The website of the magazine is multilingual. AI-based neural translations are available in over 80 languages including Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu [13],[14].  


Publisher[15] of Scientific European is UK EPC Ltd.[16]


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