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H.S. Phani Ramachandra
BornApril 25, 1956
Hosahalli Karnataka, India

H. S. Phani Ramachandra is a Kannada film and television director. He is known for directing such classic Kannada comedy films as Ganeshana Maduve and Gauri Ganesha and the TV serial Danda Pindagalu. His films mainly portray middle class Karnataka society in a comic light.[1]

He is particularly popular amongst a section of audience for his out of box narration movies. His very popular Kannada movies are Ganesha Subramanya, Gauri Ganesha, Ganeshana Maduve, Ganesha I Love You, Ganesha Matthe Banda.etc. Ananth Nag was a common lead actor in his movies always. He is very famous for serials: Danda Pindagalu, Daridra Lakshmiyaru, Maduve Maduve Maduve, Devru Devru Devru etc.

He has made 3 Kannada movies based on the novels of Telugu writer Malladi Venkata Krishna Murthy namely - Ganeshana Maduve, Gauri Ganesha and Nanendu Nimmavane. Ganeshana Maduve was based on Vinayaka Rao Pelli. Gauri Ganesha was based Wedding Bells. Nanendu Nimmavane was based on Repati Kodaku (Little Rascal). Also his movie Ganesha I Love You was based on the story by actor Vishnuvardhan with core plot elements adapted from the novel Rendu Rella Aaru by Malladi Venkata Krishna Murthy.


  • Beedige biddavaru (discontinued)
  • Jagalagantiyaru(discontinued)
  • Sahasa Lakshmiyaru (initially titled Daridra Lakshmiyaru)
  • Prema pichachigalu
  • Dandapindagalu
  • Devru Devru Devru
  • Trin Trin Trin
  • Maduve Maduve Maduve
  • Duddu Duddu Duduu



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