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A redirect is a page which automatically sends visitors to another page, usually an article or section of an article. For example, if you type "Ind" in the search box or click on the wikilink Ind, you will be taken to the article India with a note at the top of the page (or on mobile, in a black message bar at the bottom): "(Redirected from Ind)". This is because the page UK contains special wikitext which defines it as a redirect page and indicates the target article. It is also possible to redirect to a specific section of the target page, using more advanced syntax.

Redirect pages can contain other content below the redirect, such as redirect category templates, and category links (which provide a way to list article sections in categories).

Redirects are used to help people arrive more quickly at the page they want to read; this page contains guidance on how to use them properly.

How to make a redirect[edit]

Editing the source directly[edit]

To create a basic redirect using the source editor, type #REDIRECT [[target page name here]] as the only text on the page. The capitalization of the word REDIRECT doesn't matter. For instance, if you were redirecting from "Ind" to "India", this would be the entire body of the "India" page:

#REDIRECT [[United Kingdom]]

Using VisualEditor[edit]

To create a redirect using the VisualEditor:

  1. Open the "page options" menu (icon with three parallel horizontal bars) at the top right of the editor
  2. Select "Page settings"
  3. Check the box marked "Redirect this page to"
  4. Enter the name of the target page in the text box below the checkbox
  5. Click on the blue "Apply changes" button
  6. Save the page. You may enter an edit summary, or an automatic summary will be generated.

When moving a page[edit]

Redirects can also be automatically created when you move (rename) an existing page.