Meena Menon

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Meena Menon
मीना मेनन
OccupationVoice actor, singer

Meena Menon (Mīnā Mēnana) is an Indian voice-dubbing artist and trained singer who speaks English and Hindi as her mother-tongue languages. She currently[when?] works at Sugar Mediaz, which is an Indian dubbing studio, for Hindi dubs of foreign productions, and she mainly uses the Hindi language method majorly to perform dubbing roles for foreign productions in India, throughout the studio's run.

Dubbing career[edit]

Meena Menon was five-years-old, when she started through Allahbad Radio, which is a station at Allahbad. She was a trained classical singer. She sang many songs in which they really liked her talent and wanted her to conduct programs that are aimed for kids in which there were also poetry, songs, etc. She even did dubbing roles for foreign theater films along with her studies. As she got older, she used to modulate her voice and talk to people in kids’ voices. Pretty soon, she came to know about dubbing and started it eventually at Sugar Mediaz. Her Hindi dubbing roles for foreign animation started and she tried more and more voice roles and came out doing well with even dubbing teenage and kids voices of male characters in Hindi.[1]

Dubbing roles[edit]

Animated series[edit]

Program title Original voice Character Dub Language Original Language Number of Episodes Original Airdate Dubbed Airdate Notes
Little Bill Kianna Underwood Fuchsia Glover Hindi English 50 11/28/1999-2/6/2004
Jackie Chan Adventures Stacie Chan Jade Chan Hindi English 95 9/9/2000-7/8/2005
The Fairly OddParents Tara Strong Timmy Turner Hindi English 126 3/30/2001-Current
JoJo's Circus Madeleine Martin JoJo Tickle Hindi English 63 9/28/2003-2/14/2007
Spider-Man Sara Ballantine Mary Jane Watson Hindi English 65 11/19/1994-1/31/1998 Aired by Disney XD. Performed alongside Samay Raj Thakkar who voiced Christopher Daniel Barnes as Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Princess Comet Unknown 4–5 Characters Hindi Japanese 43 4/1/2001-
27 January 2002
7/2004-2005 Aired on Animax India.
Cardcaptor Sakura Sakura Tange
Carly McKillip (EN)
Sakura Kinomoto (JP name)
Sakura Avalon (EN name)
Hindi Japanese 70 (39 dubbed) 4/7/1998-
21 March 2000
The Hindi dub was based on the heavily edited Nelvana English dub adaptation of Cardcaptors that ran for 39 episodes and aired on Cartoon Network India.
Astro Boy Makoto Tsumura Astro Boy (Atom) Hindi Japanese 50 4/6/2003-
21 March 2004
7/2004-2005 Aired on Animax India.
Naruto Unknown Unknown character Hindi Japanese 220 10/3/2002-

Live action films[edit]

Film title Actor Character Dub Language Original Language Original Year Release Dub Year Release Notes
Troy Rose Byrne Briseis Hindi English 2004 2004 Dubbed for the Theatrical, Home media and Television releases.

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