K. R. Seetharama Sastry

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K. R. Seetharama Sastry
File:KR Seetharama Sastry.jpeg
Born22 September 1922
Died12 November 1977
  • Actor
  • film director
  • lyricist
  • producer
  • screenwriter
  • composer

K. R. Seetharama Sastry (Kannada: ಕು. ರಾ. ಸೀತಾರಾಮ ಶಾಸ್ತ್ರಿ) popularly known as Ku. Ra. Seetharama Sastry or simply Ku. Ra. Si was an Indian actor, writer, lyricist and director in Kannada film industry. After a career in theatre, Sastry's career in films was those of an actor, director, producer, screenwriter, lyricist and an occasional composer. He is considered one of the most influential personalities in the history of Kannada cinema.

Sastry began his film career as an actor in the mythological film, Rajasuya Yaaga (1937). After a brief stint as an actor, he turned into director, lyricist, writer and music composer for the film Mahakavi Kalidasa (1955) which emerged as a biggest commercial and critical success of the year. The film won the President's silver medal for Best feature film for the year.

Ku.Raa.See. was offered the lead role of the 1954 movie Bedara Kannappa by Gubbi Veeranna. However, he rejected it owing to the opportunity he got to work in the direction department of Shaw Brothers Studio, Hong Kong. The role was subsequently played by Rajkumar who went on to be the matinee idol of Kannada cinema.

Apart from Kannada language, Sastry directed 2 movies in Malay language: Kuraana Kaav and Iman (1954) - both of which were selected for the international film festival of Japan - thereby making him the first director from Karnataka whose movies were exhibited in an international platform. He also won international award for his direction.

Early life[edit]

Seetharama Sastry hailed from the Mysore Kingdom and was very active in theater during his early age. He found tutelage under Gubbi Veeranna, who is considered the pioneer of Kannada cinema. All his initial movies as an actor was directed by Veeranna.


Year Film Language Functioned as Notes
Director Composer Writer (Screenplay/ Lyrics) Actor
1937 Rajasuya Yaaga Kannada Yes
1945 Hemareddy Mallamma Kannada Yes
1953 Gunasagari Kannada Yes Also assistant director
1954 Iman Malay Yes
1955 Mahakavi Kalidasa Kannada Yes Yes Yes Yes National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Kannada
1956 Sadaarame Kannada Yes
1956 Ohileshwara Kannada Yes
1956 Hari Bhakta Kannada Yes
1958 Anna Thangi Kannada Yes Yes
1958 Bhookailasa Kannada Yes
1960 Rani Honnamma Kannada Yes Yes
1962 Thejaswini Kannada Yes
1963 Veera Kesari Kannada Yes
1963 Mana Mecchida Madadi Kannada Yes Yes
1963 Jenu Goodu Kannada Yes
1963 Kanyarathna Kannada Yes
1963 Gowri Kannada Yes
1964 Thumbida Koda Kannada Yes
1964 Shivarathri Mahathme Kannada Yes
1964 Muriyada Mane Kannada Yes
1965 Mavana Magalu Kannada Yes
1965 Beratha Jeeva Kannada Yes Yes Yes Also producer
1966 Madhu Malathi Kannada Yes
1968 Manassakshi Kannada Yes
1969 Suvarna Bhoomi Kannada Yes
1969 Mallammana Pavaada Kannada Yes
1969 Madhura Milana Kannada Yes
1969 Kalpavruksha Kannada Yes
1970 Takka Bitre Sikka Kannada Yes
1970 Nadina Bhagya Kannada Yes Yes
1971 Sothu Geddavalu Kannada Yes
1971 Samshaya Phala Kannada Yes Yes
1971 Baala Bandhana Kannada Yes
1972 Triveni Kannada Yes
1973 Devaru Kotta Thangi Kannada Yes
1974 Professor Huchuraya Kannada Yes
1974 Anna Atthige Kannada Yes
1975 Onde Roopa Eradu Guna Kannada Yes
1975 Nireekshe Kannada Yes
1978 Devadaasi Kannada Yes



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