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Sunil Kumar Desai
Born (1955-11-22) 22 November 1955 (age 66)
OccupationFilm director, producer and writer
Years active1989–2007

Sunil Kumar Desai is an Indian film director, writer and producer, known for his work in Kannada cinema. In most of his films, Desai blends art and commercial cinema. He has written and directed suspense/thrillers and love stories. He has won the Karnataka state awards (4 times) in the Best Screenplay & Best Dialogues categories. He has also won the Filmfare awards 4 times. Desai worked with South Indian musicians like Illayaraja, Hamsalekha and Gunasingh.

Desai was born in 1955 in Bijapur, Karnataka. He had his primary education in Bijapur and higher education in Pune. He started his film-career as an assistant to Kashinath, and later Suresh Heblikar.


Desai made film debut as a director with Tarka in 1989. [1] He subsequent films Nishkarsha, Beladingala Baale and Nammoora Mandara Hoove earned him a reputation as the most innovative and influential directors of the 1990s.[2] After three years of absence, Desai had announced that he have four films up his sleeve one of which is due at the end of 2019.[3]


Title Year Director Producer Screenwriter Notes
Tarka 1989 Yes Yes Yes  • Karnataka State Film Award for Best Screenplay
 • Filmfare Award for Best Director – Kannada
Utkarsha 1990 Yes Yes Yes
Sangharsha 1993 Yes Yes
Nishkarsha 1994 Yes Yes  • Karnataka State Film Award for First Best Film
 • Karnataka State Film Award for Best Screenplay
Beladingala Baale 1995 Yes Yes  • Karnataka State Film Award for Third Best Film
 • Karnataka State Film Award for Best Dialogue
 • Filmfare Award for Best Director – Kannada
Nammoora Mandara Hoove 1996 Yes Yes
Prema Raga Haadu Gelathi 1998 Yes
Prathyartha 1999 Yes Yes Karnataka State Film Award for Best Screenplay
Sparsha 2000 Yes Yes Filmfare Award for Best Director – Kannada
Parva 2002 Yes Yes
Marma 2002 Yes Yes
Ramya Chaitrakaala 2006 Yes
Kshana Kshana 2007 Yes Yes
...Re 2016 Yes Yes
Udgharsha [4] 2019 Yes Yes


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