Machchhu River

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Machchhu River
DistrictsSurendranagar, Rajkot, Morbi
TalukWankaner (Morbi), Morbi (Morbi), Maliya (Morbi)
Physical characteristics
 • locationMandav hills chotila
 • location
in the Ran of kutchh near Maliya
Length130 km (81 mi)
Basin size2,515 km2 (971 sq mi; 621,000 acres)
Basin features
 • leftBeti, Asoi
 • rightJamburi, Benia, Machchhori, Maha

Machchhu River (Gujarati: મચ્છુ નદી, romanized: Machchhu nadi) is a river in western India in Gujarat whose origin is Madla hills. Its basin has a maximum length of 130 km. The total catchment area of the basin is 2515 km2.[1] The river is also occasionally transliterated as Machhu River.

In popular culture[edit]

In 1984, a Gujarati film named Machchu Tara Vaheta Pani starring Upendra Trivedi, Arvind Trivedi, Chandrakant Pandya, Narayan Rajgor, Minal Patel, Kamini Bhatia was released which was directed by Vibhakar Mehta.[2]

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Coordinates: 23°09′N 70°46′E / 23.150°N 70.767°E / 23.150; 70.767


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