Maadhu Balaji

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Maadhu Balaji
Maadhu balaji.jpg
Maadhu Balaji in "Chocolate Krishna"
OccupationComedy actor
FamilyCrazy Mohan (brother)

Maadhu Balaji, born as Balaji, is an Indian actor and comedian known for his roles in Tamil theatre plays and Tamil Television serials.

Balaji has acted in a number of stage plays and films. He is the brother of the late ace humorist and playwright Crazy Mohan.[1] He gave himself the prefix "Maadhu" after Nagesh's name in Ethir Neechal (1968).[2]

Balaji graduated from the Vivekananda College, Madras University in Chennai. His stage career started during his college days where he started acting in a number of stage plays and dramas and was touted as a prospective stage and film actor.

With Crazy Mohan and close friends, Maadhu Balaji established Crazy Creations in 1979, one of the leading drama troupes in Tamil stage today, with an impeccable history of 15 launches and over 5000 shows all around the globe.

Balaji acts as Maadhu, the lead role in all these dramas and has the amazing track record of not missing even one of these shows.


Some of popular Tamil dramas as an actor are listed below.

  • Maadhu +2[3]
  • Jurassic Baby[3]
  • Marriage Made in Saloon
  • Meesai Aanaalum Manaivi
  • Alaavudeenum 100 Watts Bulbum
  • Crazy Kishkintha[4]
  • Return of Crazy Thieves
  • Oru Babiyin Diary Kurippu
  • Kathalikka Maadhu Undu
  • Maadhu Mirandal[5]
  • Madhil Mel Maadhu[6]
  • Chocolate Krishna[7]
  • Satellite Saamiyaar[8]
  • Oru Sontha Veedu Vaadagai Veedagirathu
  • Ayya Amma Ammamma[9]
  • Google Gadothgajan[10]
  • Crazy Premier League (CPL)
  • Gummaala Gokulam (Upcoming Drama)

• Siri Siri Crazy


Though the majority of his work has been related to stage dramas, Maadhu Balaji has also done impressive roles in films like:

Television Serials[edit]

Maadhu Balaji has acted as hero in several popular Television serials including:

  • Nine TV Serials of Crazy Mohan directed by S. B. Khanthan
  • Flight 172 and Sundaram & Sons of T. S. B. K. Moulee
  • Chinna Mani-Peria Mani of Y. G. Mahendran
  • Penn of Suhaasini
  • Chaaru Latha – Written and Directed by S. B. Khanthan
  • Siri-ga-ma-pa-da-ni" ran 108 successful weeks, produced by GDR Communications and written by Crazy Mohan
  • Nil Gavani Crazy, directed by S. B. Khanthan and written by Crazy Mohan, 66 episodes on Jaya TV
  • Aachi International of AVM
  • Siri Siri Crazy (2016)
  • Crazy Times
  • Vidathu Sirippu (2004)
  • Here is Crazy
  • Maadhu Cheenu
  • Nil Gavani Crazy (Sun TV)
  • Siri Gama Padhani
  • Crazy Times (Vijay TV)
  • Penn


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