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Kalapi Award
Kalapi Award.jpg
Certificate of Kalapi Award
Sponsored byINT Aditya Birla Centre for Performing Arts & Research
Reward(s) 25000
First awarded1997
Last awarded2019
Currently held byUdayan Thakker

The Kalapi Award (Gujarati:કલાપી ઍવોર્ડ) is an annual award given to Gujarati ghazal poets. It was founded by the INT Aditya Birla Centre for Performing Arts and Research. The award is named after Gujarati poet Kalapi. The amount of 25000 is awarded to recognize and promote Gujarati ghazal poets.[1]


The Kalapi Award has been granted annually since 1997 to the following people:[2]

Year Recipient
1997 Amrut Ghayal
1998 Adil Mansuri
1999 Manoj Khanderia
2000 Chinu Modi
2001 Rajendra Shukla
2002 Manhar Modi
2003 Bhagwatikumar Sharma
2004 Khalil Dhantejvi
2005 Asim Randeri
2006 Jawahar Bakshi
2007 Asharaf Dabawala
2008 Ratilal Anil
2009 Rajesh Vyas 'Miskin'
2010 Harish Meenashru
2011 Adam Tankaravi
2012 Harsh Brahmbhatt
2013 Nayan Desai
2014 Mukul Choksi
2015 Hemen Shah
2016 Raeesh Maniar
2017 Hemant Dhorda
2018 Vinod Joshi
2019 Udayan Thakker[3]

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