2010 Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council election

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2010 Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council election

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28 out of 30 seats in the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council
  First party Second party Third party
  South Asian Communist Banner.svg Hand INC.svg INPT flag
Party CPI (M) INC Indigenous Nationalist Party of Twipra
Alliance Left Front (Tripura) N/A N/A
Seats won 25 0 0
Seat change +4 - -
Popular vote 302,540 105,925 60,321

Chief Executive Member before election

Ranjit Debbarma

Chief Executive Member

Ranjit Debbarma

Elections to the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council (TTAADC) were held on 3 May 2010. On that day elections were held for 27 of the 28 elected seats in the Autonomous District Council. In one seat (Maharani-Chellagong) the election was countermanded, following the death of Bharatiya Janata Party candidate Ranjit Jamatia.[1][2] 25 of the 28 elected seats in the Autonomous District Council are reserved for Scheduled Tribes.[3]

Security arrangements ahead of the election were tight. The Tripura Home Department had identified 91 polling stations as "hyper-sensitive" and 347 as "sensitive". Authorities in Tripura had asked the Indian government to provide an additional thirty paramilitary companies to ensure the electoral process.[4]

There were 636,169 eligible voters.[4] The electoral turnout stood at 83.69%. The votes were counted on 7–8 May 2010. The election result was a landslide victory for the Left Front. The Left Front, with 63.81% of the votes cast, won all 27 seats that were up for election.[1] 25 seats went to the Communist Party of India (Marxist), one seat to the Communist Party of India and one seat to the All India Forward Bloc.[1]

The Indian National Congress emerged as a second-largest party in the election. The party finished second in 18 seats. Amongst its candidates was Debabrata Koloi, former TTAADC Chief Executive Member. Other parties in the fray were the Indigenous Nationalist Party of Tripura, the Indigenous People's Front of Tripura (an INPT splinter-group, that campaigned for a separate TTAADC state), the National Socialist Party of Tripura, National Conference of Tripura, All India Trinamool Congress and BJP. NCT and Trinamool Congress contested in an alliance.[1][5] 44 candidates were independents. In total 122 candidates had filed their nominations.[4] The Left Front, Congress and INPT each contested all 28 seats.[3][6][7]


Constituency Left Front Congress INPT
1 Damchharra-Jampui (ST) Rajendra Reang 11777 Chandiram Reang 4766 Lal Rin Puia Molsoi 922
2 Machmara Paresh Chandra Sarkar (AIFB) 7939 Ruhidas Chandra Sahaji 7589 Bimal Chakma 273
3 Dasda-Kanchanpur Lalit Debnath 11163 Rabindra Kumar Kar 7355 Nepal Chandra Reang 945
4 Karamchhara (ST) Sanbdhya Rani Chakma 13878 Raju Chakma 7258 Lura Darlong 769
5 Chhawmanu (ST) Gajendra Tripura 9471 Mukal Kanti Chakma 3975 Subha Ranjan Chakma 1863
6 Manu-Chailengta Matilal Sukal Baidya 10561 Basudeb Das 6771 Hapaiti Reang 1357
7 Damchara-Kachuchharra (ST) Sabitri Debbarma 10975 Purana Mohan Tripura 5246 Naidhanjoy Halam 1960
8 Ganganagar-Gadachharra (ST) Judhisthir Reang 8509 Shabda Rai Reang 2847 Amar Krishna Tripura 2462
9 Hala Hali-Asharambari (ST) Gurupada Debbarma 14978 Rinku Debbarma 3009 Renu Kumar Debbarma 1306
10 Kulai-Champahour (ST) Madhumati Debbarma 11472 Anita Debbarma 1601 Kartik Kalai 2716
11 Maharanipur-Teliamura (ST) Dhananjoy Debbarma 11760 Rajendra Reang 1865 Surendra Mohan Jamatia 1353
12 Ramchandra Ghat (ST) Ranjit Debbarma 13893 Kalyani Debbarma 259 Swapana Debbarma 1221
13 Simna-Tamakari (ST) Ranabir Debbarma 10967 Amiya Debbarma 362 Shibanjali Debbarma 4408
14 Budhung Nagar-Wakkinagar (ST) Jahar Debbarma 10204 Sachindra Debbarma 992 Rabindra Debbarma 6098
15 Jirania (ST) Radhacharan Debbarma 12990 Jiten Debbarma 699 Jamu Debberma 5745
16 Mandainagar-Pulinpur (ST) Sukumar Debbarma 10742 Chakra Dhar Debbarma 1386 Chandroday Rupini 4395
17 Pekuajala-Janmayjaynagar (ST) Santosh Debbarma 12040 Balaram Debbarma 2265 Ramani Debbarma 3057
18 Takarjala-Jampuijala (ST) Ramendra Debbarma 8099 Sridam Debbarma 680 Sindhukanya Jamatia 3704
19 Amtali-Golaghati (ST) Shyamlal Debbarma 15576 Kamal Krishna Debbarma 4585 Rajesh Debberma 2229
20 Killa-Bangma (ST) Joykishore Jamatia 10366 Rathindra Jamatia 5953 Purna Chandra Jamatia 2124
21 Maharani-Chellagong (ST) Joy Bahadur Jamatia (RSP) - Pramod Reang - Samrat Jamatia -
22 Kathalia-Mirja-Rajapur (ST) Parikshit Murashit Murasingh 16912 Indramanik Jamatia 5953 Naidar Bashi Tripura 578
23 Ampinagar (ST) Alindra Debbarma 11268 Manindra Kalai Singha 1697 Madhusudhan Kalai 4157
24 Raimavelly (ST) Patiram Tripura 9864 Laljoy Chakma 3856 Dhirendra Tripura 2176
25 Natunbazar-Malbasa (ST) Shantanu Jamatia 14934 Eradhan Uchui 6443 Krishna Mohan Jamatia 2298
26 Birchandranagar-Kalashi (ST) Dhirendra Reang (CPI) 13262 Brighuram Reang 6048 Chandi Basi Murasing 694
27 Purba Mahuripur-Buratali (ST) Arun Tripura 15305 Swapan Kr. Tripura 5175 Kriti Mohan Tripura 607
28 Silachari-Manubankul (ST) Mongsajal Mog 14836 Kamal Dewan 7290 Dharjya Tripura 904

Source:[3][6][7][8] '(ST)' indicates that the seat is reserved for Scheduled Tribes. Names of winning candidates in bold text. Left Front candidates are from CPI(M) unless stated otherwise. Only results of Left Front, Congress and INPT candidates are listed above. In the Ramchandra Ghat constituency, Saranjit Debbarma of the National Council of Tripura finished second with 2,158 votes.[9]

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