Rashed Ali Almansoori

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Rashed Ali Almansoori
File:Rashed Ali Almansoori.jpg
BornMarch 23, 1991
NationalityAbu Dhabi, UAE
Years active2010-present

Rashed Ali Almansoori is Abu Dhabi-based tech entrepreneur and Influencer. Rashed Ali Almansoori is a digital creator who has proved to people that youngsters are driving major industries of the world.[1]


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Early life[edit]

Rashed was born and brought up in Abu-Dhabi[1] where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in law in the field of technology with degrees in the field of technology, including in cyber security.[2]


He introduced an innovative device named ‘UTAG’ during the pandemic,[3] a period filled with uncertainty where people are thinking about ways to get themselves safe, the young man is thinking about how to get others safe,[4] as the concept of the device is to connect people remotely keeping people close together yet safe abiding with safety regulations associated with infection control of the virus.[5]