Dharma (Buddhism)

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Dharma in Buddhism means the teachings of the Buddha which lead to enlightenment.

What is called Buddhism in western countries is called buddha-dharma in eastern countries. This term simply means "Path of Awakening" and is thus a form of dharma.

  • "Dharma" usually refers not just to the sayings of the Buddha but to the later traditions of the various schools of Buddhism which expanded upon the Buddha's teachings. Tradition says that the Buddha gave 84,000 different teachings to various types of people based on their needs.
  • Alternately, "dharma"
  • may be seen as the truth which is beyond worldly things, so the word may refer to the ultimate reality, "truth", "phenomena", or "the way things are".

The Dharma is one of the Three Jewels of Buddhism of which followers of Buddhism seek refuge in (what one relies on for his/her lasting happiness). The three jewels of Buddhism are the Buddha (mind's perfection of enlightenment), the Dharma (teachings and methods), and the Sangha (awakened beings who provide guidance and support).