Indus Valley toad

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Indus Valley toad
Bufo stomaticus04.jpg
Indus Valley toad
Scientific classification edit
: [[Template:Taxonomy/Duttaphrynus]]
Binomial name
Template:Taxonomy/DuttaphrynusDuttaphrynus stomaticus
(Lütken, 1864)

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Duttaphrynus stomaticus (also known as the Indus Valley toad, Asiatic marbled toad, Punjab toad, or marbled toad) is a species of toad that can be found in Pakistan, Iran, and possibly in Afghanistan. It is most found in the Indus Valley. It is also known as the "house toad". These toads are usually found near cultivated plains which have still water. It is nocturnal and its diet consist of insects such as ants. This endemic toad species is the "National amphibian of Pakistan"[n 1] respectively.


  1. “The Official National Amphibian of Pakistan” respectively


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