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Template:Culture of Bengal Alkap (Bengali: আলকাপ) is a Bengali folk dance popular in the districts of Murshidabad, Malda and Birbhum in West Bengal and Chapai Nawabganj, Randajshahi in Bangladesh.[1] It has also spread to the adjoining areas of Jharkhand and Bihar such as Dumka and Purnia.[2]


Kaap means 'kavya' (verse) and Aal means 'part of the verse'.[2] Another meaning of the word Aal is 'sharp'. The word Kaap is also one of the many meanings of 'sam' - a distorted form of gesture in the arena, or an image of a humorous comedian or social ugly subject.[3]


Alkap is an amalgamation of music, dance and theatrical presentation. An alkap group of ten to twelve performers is led by a sarkar (master) or guru (leader) and includes two or three young men called chhokras[check spelling], one or two gayens or singers, dohar, choristers, and musicians. Alkap is presented in five parts: Asar Vandana, Chhora, Kaap, Baithaki Gaan and Khemta Pala. The programme is a reflection of rural society and puts the focus on the prevailing socio-economic condition of the rural masses.[1][2]

In popular culture[edit]

Syed Mustafa Siraj's novel Mayamrdanga is about an Alkap team.


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