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Agnivesha (Sanskrit: अग्निवेश, Agniveśa) is a legendary rishi (sage), reputedly one of the earliest authors on ayurveda (Indian medicine).[1] He was a pupil of Punarvasu Atreya. The Agnivesh tantra or Agnivesha Samhita), based on Atreya's teachings is a lost text on Ayurveda, and was the foundational text of the Agnivesha school, i.e., one of the six schools of early Ayurveda (others being Parashara, Harita, Bhela, Jatukarna and Ksharpani).

The text is mentioned in the Charaka Samhita: "the tantra (Agnivesha) as written by Agnivesha is compiled, edited and modified by Charaka" (agniveśakṛte tantre carakapratisaṃskṛte)[2] [3]

According to some text reference of Mahabharat, acharya Agnivesh was the guru of acharya Dronacharya and Drupad for warfare and weapons.

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