1955 Pondicherry Representative Assembly election

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1955 Pondicherry Representative Assembly election

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All 39 seats to the Puducherry Representative Assembly
20 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party
Party INC People's Front
Leader since Maurice Paquirissamypoullé V.Subbiah
Leader's seat Karikovil Pathan Murungapakkam
Seats won 20 16
Percentage 37.2 35

Leader of Assembly before election


Elected Leader of Assembly

Maurice Paquirissamypoullé

After the de facto merger on 1 November 1954 and before the legal integration with the Indian Union on 16 August 1962, general elections were held in 1955 and 1959. So. the first general elections to the Pondicherry Representative Assembly were held in 1955 from July 18 to 23 for 39 constituencies to constitute First Pondicherry Representative Assembly. The election were held on the basis of adult franchise under the State of Pondicherry (Representation of the People) Order, 1955 which prescribed the rules and regulations for the conduct of elections, more or less on the pattern adopted in the Indian Union.[2][3]


The results of 1955 elections are[4]:75–76

Parties and Coalitions Won Votes Votes %
  Indian National Congress 20 53,682 37.2%
  People's Front 16 51,015 35.0%
  Independents 3 37,926 27.0%

Congress barely secured a majority of 20 seats out of 39 these seats. Congress won 9 out of 12 from Karaikal, 8 out of 22 from Pondicherry, 1 out of 3 from Mahe and 2 out of 2 from Yanam. However, In Yanam, both seats won in an uncontested manner.[4]:75–76 In Pondicherry, the Congress did not fare well. The Congress did not secure seats in Pondicherry city and the surrounding areas. All the 8 seats in Pondicherry that were won by Congress came from the liberated areas of Nettapakkam, Mannadipet (Tiroubouvané) and Bahour communes. People's Front (Communist) (Makkaḷ Munnaṇi (Tamil:மக்கள் முன்னணி)) won 13 seats out of 22 from Pondicherry and 3 seats out of 12 seats from Karaikal. However, three members who won on People's Front ticket joined Congress later.[4]:64

Members of the 1955 Pondicherry Representative Assembly

Members of the first Pondicherry Representative Assembly
S. No Name Constituency Region Party
1 Annousamy Ariankuppam Pondicherry P.F.[note 1]
2 Arul Raj Muthialpet Pondicherry P.F.
3 Arunachalam Darbaranyeswarar Koil Karikal Congress
4 Asappu Bairavasamy Oulgaret Town Pondicherry P.F.
5 Barathidasan Cassicade Pondicherry P.F.[note 2]
6 C. E. Barathan Mahe Town Mahe Congress
7 Chandrasekhara Chettiar Archivak–Tavalacoupom Pondicherry Congress
8 D.Rathinasabapathy Pillai Neravy Commune Karikal Congress
9 Édouard Goubert Bahour Pondicherry Congress
10 Evariste Dessame Karikal South Karikal P.F.
11 Govindaraju Nellitope Town Pondicherry P.F.
12 Joseph Latour Ouppalaom Pondicherry P.F.
13 K. Sheikh Dawood Maricar Karikal Town North Karikal Congress
14 K.S.V. Prasadarao Naidu[note 3] Yanam[note 4] Yanam Congress
15 Louis Savarih Villenour Town Pondicherry Ind.[note 5]
16 M.M.Hussein Fifth Bussy Street Pondicherry P.F.
17 Mohamed Yusoof Karikal Central Karikal Ind.
18 Padmanabhan Palloor Mahe Ind.
19 Murugaswamy Clemanso Couroussou Coupom Pondicherry P.F.
20 N. Sethuraman Chettiar Rajbhavan Pondicherry Ind.
21 N. Ranganathan Saram and Lawspet Pondicherry P.F.
22 Pakkir Mohammed Oussoudou Pondicherry P.F.
23 Shanmugam Nedungadu Karikal P.F.
24 Ramalingam Calapet Pondicherry Congress
25 R.L. Purushottam Reddiar Kuruvinattam-Kariambuttur Pondicherry Congress
26 S. Dakshinamoorthy Mudaliar Thirumalarayanpattinam South Karikal Congress
27 Thandapani Kounder Mannadipet Town Pondicherry Congress
28 Thiagaraja Naicker Embaralam-Kalamandapam Pondicherry Congress
29 Thirukamu Reddi Sellipet-Souttoukeny Pondicherry Congress
30 T. Srinivasa Pillai Thirumeni Alagar Karikal Congress
31 U. Rangaswamy Pillai Thirumalayapattinam North Karikal Congress
32 Venkatasubba Reddiar Nettapakkam Town Pondicherry Congress
33 V.N.Purushottamari Pandakkal Mahe Ind.
34 V.Narayanaswamy Reddiarpalayam Town Pondicherry P.F.
35 V.Ramalingam Pillai Badrakaliamman Karikal Congress
36 V.Ramaswamy Pillai Kottuchery-Mathakovil Karikal Congress
37 V. Subbiah Murugapakkam Pondicherry Congress
38 Y. Jagannadha Rao[note 6] Yanam[note 7] Yanam Congress
39 M. Pakkiriswamy Pillai[note 8] Karikovil Pathan Karikal Congress

Government formation

the Congress with the support of independents was able to form a Government. The chief opposition party was the Communist (i.e. People's Front) with 12 seats. However, the government was not stable. There were frequent crossings of the floor by the Legislators, and the ruling party was ridden with personal strifes and factions.[6] The Government of India had to intervene finally by dissolving the Assembly and the Chief Commissioner, L.R.S. Singh, took over the administration on 28 October 1958.[7]:966 Later, after nine months, elections were held in 1959.


Initially, Maurice Pakkiriswamy Pillai led the Pondicherry Representative Assembly from 17 August 1955[8] until his death in January 1956.[9]:64–65[10] Then, a five-member new cabinet was formed and led by Édouard Goubert. It had Eduard Goubert, Chandrasekhara Chettiar, Mohammed Yusoof, S. Dakshinamoorthy Mudaliar and Thiagraja Naicker.

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  1. i.e. People's Front
  2. i.e. Won on P.F. ticket, but, among three who joined Congress after elections
  3. i.e. Elected uncontested
  4. i.e. Kanakalpeta constituency
  5. i.e. Independent
  6. i.e. Elected uncontested
  7. i.e. Adi Andhrapeta constituency
  8. i.e. The seat fell vacant after Pakkiriswamy Pillai's death in January 1956.[5]


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