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  • ...protect home or national industries from foreign [[Competition (economics)|competition]]. ...(Article XIX). However, they were infrequently used, and some governments preferred to protect their industries by "grey area" measures ("voluntary" export res
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  • | image = <!-- First edition cover preferred --> ...kar-banerjee-745400 Dibakar Banerjee said he wanted a villain who can give competition to Byomkesh.]</ref><ref>[
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  • ...rgin. And was made CPS by the CM BS Hooda. But in the 2009 elections Hooda preferred another Brahmin Kuldeep Sharma over RC Kaushik and the ticket was denied to ...Birender, Kuldeep Bishnoi and joined the BJP. He was the dark horse in the competition to get the BJP ticket but luck always stood by his side and he was given ti
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  • ...Olympics|1956 Melbourne]]|[[Field hockey at the 1956 Summer Olympics|Team Competition]]}} ...ummer Olympics|1960 Rome]]|[[Field hockey at the 1960 Summer Olympics|Team Competition]]}}
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  • ...|Poona University's]] victory in the [[Rohinton Baria Trophy]], the annual competition among the Indian universities. In Poona University's two outright victories ...England in 1967|the tour of England]], along with [[Subrata Guha]]. India preferred to rely almost entirely on its spin bowlers, however, and Guha played only
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  • Vadodara". However, per the policy WP:COMMONNAME, the current title is preferred --> ...ensler, Frederic Schwartz Architects and Creative Group from India won the competition and the contract to design the new terminal was awarded to them.<ref>{{cite
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  • ...ld Teams|Indian World Team]] in the [[Indian Cricket League]] [[Twenty20]] competition. ...he first-class games prior to the first Test. However [[Ajit Agarkar]] was preferred over him to play in the series. He took this disappointment in his stride,
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  • ...ecoming the winner of the 2017 Bacardi House Party Sessions, a talent hunt competition organized by A.I.B.. Recently, Netflix India used Ritviz' s song "Sun Toh" ...-it/article26521322.ece|access-date=6 July 2020|issn=0971-751X}}</ref> His preferred D.A.W. is "[[Ableton Live|Ableton]]".<ref>{{Cite web|last=Inc|first=Equipbo
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  • ...rn India Football Association|Western Indian Football Association]], which preferred to be governed by themselves rather than by the IFA. After years of numerou ...27|website=IFAWB|language=en-US}}</ref> The IFA also launched a [[futsal]] competition in order to introduce and promote the sport in the state at a professional
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  • ...ssdate = 2016-09-19}}</ref><ref>{{cite news | title = Bihar Joint Entrance Competition Examination Board will no longer take Engineering and Medical Entrance Exam ...d year and should be on the merit list of BCECE (LE). Diploma students are preferred over B.Sc. Students in BCECE Lateral Entry Examination<ref>[http://bceceboa
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  • ...sical education, art and crafts, etc after which students can choose their preferred specializations. ...enior students get the opportunity to develop their organizing skills. The competition is one of the most prominent in the city, attracting companies and students
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  • ...-86200-013-1}}) p68</ref> Part of the reason for this was that the British preferred to play apart from their colonial subjects, leading to a low take up by the amateur league competition for rugby union football clubs in India. The competition has been played since 1924. In 2016 12 team took part in the tournament and
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  • ..., and its DD News.<ref name="thetelegraph">{{cite news|title=India: Rising competition forces change in TV news treatment|publisher=The Telegraph (India)|date=27 ...=Finance Minister presents CNBC AWAAZ Consumer Awards 2010 for Indias Most Preferred Brands||date=29 June 2010}}</ref>
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  • ...erts began his desert racing career in the early 1960s, most desert racers preferred heavy, ungainly, British [[Straight-twin engine|parallel twin]] cylinder mo ...Trial is a form of off-road motorcycle Olympics that is the oldest annual competition sanctioned by the [[Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme|FIM]], dati
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  • out the pitfalls in digital cinematography, Chandran says he would have preferred the conventional mode if he need not have to worry about the costs.<ref>{{c ...yalam-films-for-iffk-competition/59602/|title=Two Malayalam films for IFFK competition|newspaper=Business Standard|date=23 September 2012|accessdate=23 September
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  • ...ts on the valley preferred cycling center track 2.jpg|thumb|right|[[Valley Preferred Cycling Center]] in [[Breinigsville, Pennsylvania]]]] ...course of an event or series of events. This is not a specific race, but a competition that ties races and events together, and comparable to a heptathlon, decath
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  • ...well. Intricate anklets, combining use of semi-precious stones are greatly preferred. ...inod Behari puja committees are vouching for the filigree work. There is a competition to notch the best show every year among all puja committees in Cuttack.<ref
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  • ...vities were allegedly favoured by officials of the British government, who preferred native Christians to Hindus in higher appointments in order to entice Hindu ...dian_nationalism">{{cite book | title=The Emergence of Indian Nationalism: Competition and Collaboration in the Later Nineteenth Century| last=Seal| first=Anil| y
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  • | image = File:Pit stop competition (47966306662).jpg | competition = Pit stop contest
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  • ...October 22, 2020|}}</ref> As such, BMI created competition in the field of performing rights, providing an alternative source of licen ...urnal | journal = Broadcasting | date = March 24, 1941 | title = Milwaukee Preferred: Waters Preference for Damm Led to Selection | page = 40 | volume = 20 | is
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