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  • '''Swarachakra''' (Devanagari: स्वरचक्र) is a free text input application developed by the IDIN group at [[Industrial Design Center]] (IDC), [[Indian ...indic scripts]</ref> and e-Lekh. As mobile phones became smarter and more powerful, this group started working on text input alternatives for mobile phones in
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  • ...rd Sree [[Krishna]] made up of Anjanasila after abhishekam is a divine and powerful medicine for acute Rheumatic complaint (Vatham).
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  • ...the 50 most powerful people in India.<ref>{{cite web|title=India's 50 Most Powerful People 2009|url= ...was invited to head the national subcommittee for standardisation of multi-application smart cards for payment systems. Specific security issues were addressed an
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  • * sparing application of [[murki]] and other embellishments to preserve introspective quality ...n a car accident in [[Kolkata]] in 1974, the "Indore gharana" has become a powerful stream in modern Hindustani music. Direct disciples of Amir Khan included [
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  • ....In a related development, the developer’s lawyer Chinmay Inamdar moved an application seeking the court’s direction to the superintendent of the Yerawada centr established in 2012, a part of DSK group, to enter the niche segment of powerful and aspirational bikes. It so far has launched a Korean superbike [[KR Mot
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  • In late 1998, ANURAG developed the 15 times more powerful '''"Pace Plus 32"''', which can be used to support missile development, as ...z clock speed. The complete software development tool kit is available for application development. A [[single-board computer]] based on ANUPAMA is available for
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  • ...e rungs of a ladder that extends much higher and involves many other, more powerful, people. Thakur is not wholly convinced, but signs off on Gupta's new enter ...ff the admissions board.) Shortly thereafter, Kamal finds out that Vijay's application (in spite of the fact that Vijay has scored higher on the exams and physica
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  • ...testing 35% of the Assembly Seats|url=|access-date=2022-02-01|web ...ed the case noting that JMFC Apurva Nagvekar did not find any merit in the application made by the aggrieved party.<ref>{{cite web | url=
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  • ...shut off, release, dose, distribute or mix fluids. They are found in many application areas. Solenoids offer fast and safe switching, high-reliability, long serv ...e diameter. A typical solenoid force might be {{convert|15|N|abbr=on}}. An application might be a low pressure (e.g., {{convert|10|psi|abbr=on}}) gas with a small
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  • ...=History com|website=HISTORY|language=en|access-date=2019-03-16}}</ref> an application which has continued to the present. ...[[paramagnetism|paramagnetic]]: it can be suspended between the poles of a powerful [[horseshoe magnet]].<ref>{{cite book |author1=Moore, John W. |author2=Stan
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  • rulings and orders in its judicial capacity. Though this makes it very powerful, there is an appeal process to create accountability. There is a Securities ...y removing regulatory structures. In one such move, SEBI has increased the application limit for retail investors to ₹ 200,000, from ₹ 100,000 at present.<ref
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  • computer networking. In networks designed according to this principle, application-specific features reside in the communicating end nodes of the network, rat ...etely and correctly be implemented only with the knowledge and help of the application standing at the endpoints of the communication system. Therefore, providing
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  • ...resently the church offers solace to the faithful who gather there for the powerful intercessions of Our Lady and St. Joseph. ...ion for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments]] approved the application of the archdiocese of Verapoly to elevate the status of the former cathedra
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  • ...abu Naidu planted by the People's War activists triggered a series of nine powerful Claymore mines, which they are suspected to have planted over a period of t ...which administers Tirupati's Lord Venkateswara temple for his dedication, application and determination towards public services.<ref>{{Cite news |title=Chadalava
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  • ...'Visitor'' (a position held by the [[President of India]]) who is the most powerful person in the NIT organizational structure and the [[NIT Council]] with the ....<ref name=":0">{{Cite web|date=2021-06-05|title=NIT Andhra Pradesh begins application process for PhD, MS courses|url=
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  • ...His guru started teaching him astanga yoga, all kinds of mantras and their application method with Hatha Yoga. Gurudev, however, did not make the mistake of testi ...Srimahanta" of the Vaishnava community of Kumbh Mela. He was an infinitely powerful Yogi Raja Vaishnavacharya. Sri Vijayakrishna Goswami said that Sri Sri Kath
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  • ...isra jati in teentaal, emphasis on voice culture to achieve wide range and powerful throw of voice, bol-baant, bol-taan, rare use of sargam, slower taans, use ...ween improvisations, bol alap and sargam using merukhand patterns, sparing application of [[murki]], use of kan swaras in all parts of performance, controlled use
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  • ...S. R. Bommai v. Union of India#Malafide exercise of Article 356|malafide]] application of article 356 of the.<ref name=toi-ahm/> In 2007, he drew attention to the he was under constant threat from Dinu Solanki for interfering with the powerful and illegal mining lobby in [[Saurashtra (region)|Saurashtra]]. At one poi
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  • ...ons]" National Science Foundation.</ref> Its [[venom (poison)|venom]] is a powerful mixture of [[neurotoxin]]s, with a low [[median lethal dose|lethal dose]].< ...ional drug]]s (INDs). The US Armed Forces maintain an investigational drug application<ref>{{cite journal |author1=Eric A. Shalita |author2=Ryan D. Wells |year=20
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  • ...ef>The Hindu dated 04-01-2006</ref> Thereafter, the party formally gave an application for registration of the same as a political party with the [[Election Commi ...e of the Tamil People. The basis of conference is that unless any race is powerful enough to compete with other races on the question of economics, the said r
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