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  • {{ref improve|date=January 2014}} ...Sun. A square stone slightly tapering towards the top contains four carved images of the Sun god in relief, on the four sides of a slab. The figures hold two
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  • ...91.93%. It is unsatisfactory and the people should drive some campaign to improve this. The total working population is 36.66% of the total population. 60.44 Some Images of the temple Panchmukhi Mahavir Mandir -
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  • ...) and the [[Swedish National Space Board]] (SNSB). It has been designed to improve the knowledge and management of [[Earth|the Earth]] by exploring the Earth' SPOT Image is marketing the high-resolution images, which SPOT can take from every corner of the Earth.
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  • A drive to improve the appearance of the structure was begun in 2002.<ref>[https://web.archive images from this section and place them in other places in the article. Images that do not add information to the article should be added here, and NOT in
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  • ...rshan is India's first indigenous laser-guided bomb kit. It is designed to improve the accuracy of air-to-ground bombing by the IAF. All the necessary on-boar ...ical Development Establishment|ADE]] for 450&nbsp;kg (1000 pound) bombs to improve the accuracy of a conventional bomb.<ref>{{cite web|first=Jayesh |last=Lima
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  • ...web |url= |title= Aim to encourage leaders to improve the lives of retail workers | date=2013-12-19 |publisher=Business Standard}
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  • ...d new facilities. A plan has been created by the Railways Board to further improve lighting in concourse halls, station platforms, circulating areas, waiting
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  • ...nilever's most successful cosmetics lines.<ref>Alma M. Garcia. ''Contested Images: Women of Color in Popular Culture'' (2012) 0759119635, p. 182: "Through it ...nd claimed that it was instead designed to 'improve skin barrier function, improve skin firmness and smoothen skin texture'.<ref>{{cite web |title=Unilever ev
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  •|access-date=2021-07-01|website=The Indi
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  • | image = <!-- Only freely-licensed images may be used to depict living people. See [[WP:NONFREE]]. --> ...umbai traffic police]] in the 1980s, when he introduced several schemes to improve traffic management in Mumbai. He was awarded the Shanti Doot International
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  • ...-conferred-with-the-padma-shri-award/slideshow/46850227.cms|title=Choicest images: President Pranab Mukherjee confers Padma Awards 2015 - Prince Karim Aga Kh ...of education, IT and business. He has been working with decision makers to improve the quality of education and availability of skilled manpower. He has been
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  • ...will conclude with [[Rathayatra]] followed [[Sunabesa]] (adorning the new images of gods with golden attire) on 27 July, with many other rituals being held ...arthed by the king he found them in a state of decay and therefore got new images carved and installed on altar of the temple.<ref name=History>{{Cite web|ur
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  • Often only pottery where the slip creates patterns or images will be described as slipware, as opposed to the many types where a plain s ...e article, or just one part, such as outside or inside of a cup or jug, to improve its appearance, to give a smoother surface to a rough body, mask an inferio
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  • |motto = <!-- images and maps -----------> ...92.66%. It is unsatisfactory and the people should drive some campaign to improve this.<br/>
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  • ...ration Stadium has undergone significant [[renovation]]s over the years to improve its infrastructure and facilities. In 2005, the stadium underwent a renovat == Images ==
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  • ...ttps:// |website=The Hindu Images}}</ref> ...ttps:// |website=The Hindu Images}}</ref> the neighbourhood in Ghaziabad where his family lives, by the initi
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  • ...on the women's High Jump event at the National Domestic... {{!}} The Hindu Images||access-date=2019-07-27}}</ref> |}Bobby has also worked with the Kerala state government to improve sports development in her state. Serving as the Assistant Secretary (Techni
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  • ...x hours after the flood, Shugar pulled up the latest Planet Labs satellite images and discovered a trail of dust and a dark scar on the pearl-white peaks abo ...The government is building more than 500 miles of highway in Uttarkhand to improve access to several major Hindu temples, despite environmentalists’ objecti
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  • ...t known as ''[[Baandha]]''. Traditionally, craftsmen created Baandhas with images of flora or fauna or with geometrical patterns. More recently,{{When|date=F ...ile technique enables a craftsman to weave colourful designs, patterns and images into a fabric capable of inspiring a thought or conveying a message. Thus B
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  • ...=|access|title=Indian, Chinese armies decide to improve ties at functional level|website=[[CNN-News18|News18]]|access-date=2017-09-
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