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  • ...hs about the soul and its [[Moksa (Jainism)|liberation]]. It propounds six fundamental truths on soul which are also known as ''satapada'' (six steps). ...tter (also known as ''chha padno patra'') dated 31-3-1888, propounding six fundamental truths, and inspired Lalluji Maharaj not to fear death.<ref name="govardhan
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  • | {{hidden||''For effectively portraying the fundamental problem of drinking water and the steps being taken to solve the problem, w ...nviction, courage and relentless observation, tempered by a sharp sense of irony.''}}
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  • ...tizens of direct access to the Supreme Court, except when violation of the fundamental rights resulted from Union law. The Parliament was given unrestrained power ...more difficult for any future government to declare a state of emergency; fundamental freedoms and the independence of India's judiciary was reaffirmed.<ref name
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  • ...Mark Juergensmeyer|Wade Clark Roof|2011|pp=272–273, 652–654}} Rebirth is a fundamental concept of [[Reincarnation in Hinduism|Hinduism]], [[Rebirth (Buddhism)|Bud Karma and ''karmaphala'' are fundamental concepts in Buddhism,{{sfn|Kragh|2006|p=11}}{{sfn|Lamotte|1987|p=15}} which
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