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  • *Trafficking of Persons (Prevention, Protection and Rehabilitation) Bill 2018 *Trafficking of Persons (Prevention, Protection and Rehabilitation) Bill, 2016}}
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  • ...] and [[Environmental policy of India|policy]] of [[India]] concerning the protection of the [[Natural environment |environment]], measures taken to reverse [[cl ...ion both before and after the Conference it was found necessary to enact a comprehensive law on the subject to implement the decision of the
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  • ...bjectives of the organization include [[inventory]], [[surveillance]], and protection of [[public land]]s, as well as revenue generation. ...tter returns from government lands, sustainable income for the government, protection from encroachment and a measure to meet the future wood requirement of the
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  • ...olicies and objectives of Joint Forest Movement are detailed in the Indian comprehensive National Forest Policy of 1988<ref>{{Cite web|url= ...Villagers agree to assist in the safeguarding of forest resources through protection from fire, grazing, and illegal harvesting in exchange for which they recei
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  • ; ''Bhitarual Phukan'': This ''phukan'' was responsible for the protection of the royal palace (''raj kareng'') with a six-thousand strong militia and ...=Ahom Administration |editor-last=Barpujari |editor-first=H. K. |title=The Comprehensive History of Assam |volume=III |pages=1–86 |publisher=Assam Publication Boa
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  • {{Distinguish|Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill, 2019}} ...itle = A bill to provide for the formulation and implementation of a comprehensive national policy for ensuring overall development of the transgender persons
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  • ...a report on the building and also form a conservation committee to handle protection of other heritage structures. The heritage committee said in its report to
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  • | governing_body = Kashmir Department of Wildlife Protection ...}, is a designated [[bird sanctuary]].<ref name=wular>{{Cite report |title=Comprehensive Management Action Plan for Wular Lake, Kashmir |url=http://www.jkwildlife.c
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  • ...the contemporary [[Shilahara]] ruler [[Aparajita]] states that he granted protection to a king named Bhillama. It is possible that this is a reference to some s .... Mahalingam |chapter=The Seunas of Devagiri |editor=R. S. Sharma |title=A Comprehensive history of India: A.D. 985-1206 |volume=4 (Part 1) |url=https://books.googl
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  • * Some of the provisions under Environmental (Protection) Act, 1986 and the rules framed under this like: * To plan comprehensive program for the prevention, control or abatement of pollution and secure ex
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  • ...''''.<ref>[[Epigraphia Indica]], Vol V, pp 105-106, (Editor) E. Hultsch; A Comprehensive History of India, 1957, p 39, Kallidaikurichi Aiyah Nilakanta Sastri, India ...Kamboja king of Chidambram inscription to [[Cambodia]] (Kampuchea).<ref>A Comprehensive History of India, 1957, p 15, Kallidaikurichi Aiyah Nilakanta Sastri, India
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  • ...put into use, where functions of key departments are on line. To set up a comprehensive communication network by utilizing existing infrastructure, an Optic Fibre ...Centre - at Aurangabad where employees are trained on various power system protection and equipment testing. Recently the Company won the "Special Commendation N
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  • 1. Lifeline Health Insurance Plan – A comprehensive health insurance policy with a family floater option that covers medical ex Royal Sundaram Home Insurance offers protection against natural and man-made calamities and threats such as burglary. The c
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  • and protection by catering to their basic needs through proper care, protection, development, treatment, social re-integration, by adopting a child-friendl | bill = The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Bill, 2015
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  • The scheme provided income protection to the farmers by insuring production and market risks. The insured farmers The Government of India experimented with a comprehensive crop insurance scheme which failed. The Government then introduced in 1999-
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  •|title=Protection, Conservation, Eco-Restoration and management of tanks/ lakes as Wetland ha
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  • ...[Sustainable forest management|sustainable management]] of [[environmental protection]] as well for the implementation of [[Forestry in India|social forestry]] p ...ation of a National Forest Survey Organization for a regular, periodic and comprehensive forest resources survey of the country, leading to the creation of FSI in t
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  • ...Social movement|movement]] can move to the next level of pressing for more comprehensive [[Public administration|administrative]], [[judicial]] and police reforms.< 3. Special protection force for women [[security]] in every district
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  • ...ntities of [[armour]] steel products offering [[Bulletproof vest|ballistic protection]] against a variety of weapon systems including 9mm SMC, [[AK-47]] and [[L1 ..."Patka" (Head band) for protection of head, [[Bulletproofing|Bullet proof protection]] of personnel carriers for [[Paramilitary forces of India|paramilitary for
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  • ...neral insurance policies for the benefit of the bank’s customers by way of protection, wealth creation and savings and as per the agreement Tata AIG General Insu ...guaranteed income for future financial needs, the plan also covers health protection in the event of the policyholder getting diagnosed with a Critical diseases
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