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  • * 17 January – India's [[Sachin Tendulkar]] became the first batsman to complete 13,000 runs in Test cricket, during the opening match against Bangladesh. ...en the [[Royal Challengers Bangalore]] and the [[Mumbai Indians]]. A third device is located outside.<ref>{{cite news |url=
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  • [[File:Lasik UOC.ogg|thumb|Video of a complete LASIK-treatment]] ...s. A drip controlling device used in Immersion A-scan Biometry is one such device, which helps the surgeon to get more accurate eye measurements for calculat
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  • ...hat supervised and carried out the [[nuclear testing|test]] of the nuclear device, under the codename ''[[Smiling Buddha]]'', in 1974.<ref name="Ramanna">{{c ...Plan|Commonwealth Scholarship]], and travelled to Great Britain in 1952 to complete his doctorate. Ramanna attended [[University of London|London University]]'
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  • ...y not necessary for integrity of the structure, is built on the chassis to complete the vehicle. In an [[electronic device]] (such as a [[computer]]), the chassis consists of a frame or other intern
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  • ...hrbuch der modernen bengalischen Hochsprachen''], a comprehensive teaching device for and grammar of Bengali in German. *[ Complete list of publications of Rahul Peter Das]
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  • ...ersity; this group is composed of undergraduate and graduate students that complete transportation-related research grant projects for the State of Michigan.<r ...<ref name = "Spotlight"/><ref name = "Tapan"/> He then moved to Detroit to complete his Masters of Science in Civil Engineering from Wayne State University.<re
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  • ...and a pair of non-skid shoes with mine & explosive detection sensors would complete the ensemble. The system also includes inbuilt water purifier system so tha ...quipped with a USB 2.0. digital data bus, Palmtop [[IRNSS]]/GPS navigation device, secured advance audio communication set, advance electronic warfare data m
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  • ...nting rural reality in his works, especially short stories <br />Using the device of Bideshiya Shaili in Modern Indian Theatre ==Complete listing of Works==
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  • ...interventions in sericulture, vegetable leather tanning, fish aggregation device etc. ...d that about 80% of women face malnutrition. This programme also will have complete backward and forward linkages from seeds, bio-manures, biopesticides, proce
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  • ...asakumaracharitam'' (London: Strahan & Co., 1873).</ref> and the even less complete ''Avantisundarī'' (The Story of the Beautiful Lady from Avanti), in prose. ...', Daṇḍin argues that a poem's beauty derives from its use of [[rhetorical device]]s &ndash; of which he distinguished thirty-six.
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  • ...d Rs.50,000 for those injured in the incidents. She also said that it is a complete failure of central [[intelligence agencies]].<ref>[ [[Category:Improvised explosive device bombings in India]]
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  • * ''Compudium'' or '' Compu'' – Short for Computerized Medium, a device to contact departed souls.<ref name="Inventing fun">{{cite news|title=Inven * ''RememBrain''&nbsp;– A device that makes people remember the things they forgot.
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  • ...t site. It was a [[uranium-235]] [[Nuclear weapon design|implosion fission device]] made from weapons-grade uranium ([[Uranium-235|U-235]]) enriched in a [[g withdrew support at the last minute, and China had to rely on itself to complete the bomb.{{Citation needed|reason=Needs a source, also needs clarification
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  • the disabled people overcome their physical defects and conveniently complete their daily routines. After the presentation of his project, Raj gets death
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  • | weapons = [[Improvised explosive device]]s<ref name="DNA IED">{{cite news|title=IED used in twin blasts in Hyderaba ...Pradesh's [[Director General of Police]] noted that [[Improvised Explosive Device]]s (IEDs) had been used in the two blasts to cause maximum damage.<ref name
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  • ...under ISRO supervision and was intended to replace the failed IRNSS-1A and complete the [[NAVIC]] constellation of geosynchronous navigation satellites which i ...ause of malfunction was identified as non-initiation of detonation in pyro device of vertical jettisoning system.<ref>{{Cite web|url=
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  • ...the first is in a flashback, as he vainly attempts to rescue his wife) — a device similar to [[Andrei Tarkovsky]]'s showing of the icons in brilliant color a
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  • ...invincible and nobody can dare protest him since he has the city under his complete subjugation. He considers Narsimha as a weapon which can unlock his most di ..., hence nobody can kill him, not man or animal, neither by weapons nor any device, not in day neither in night, just like the Hindu Mythological Demon King H
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  • ...y played a major role in the development of argument and actively used the device of political petition and in the process contributed in the field of politi ...this is a victory for the women's movement in India, the act itself was a complete failure. In the two years and five months it was an active bill, there were
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  • The company's current flagship product is [[EvoTV]] (a smart device that integrates the Internet and web features into the TV). Other products ...n-for-complete-digital-experience.php |title= Incessant Innovation for the Complete Digital Experience| |date=October 2011|accessdate=20
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