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  • ...ll, 2021''' or '''TIP Bill''' {{speculation inline|text=will provide for a comprehensive and dedicated anti-trafficking legislation in India.|date=August 2021}} ...=2021-07-30|website=PRS Legislative Research}}</ref> The 2021 bill aims to provide a dedicated legislation. Earlier forms of the proposed legislation included
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  • NFS is one of the most comprehensive studies in terms of categories, and information coverage, providing baselin ...|British]] government. Unlike the British National Food Survey it does not provide information for [[economic planning]], and is primarily a research tool for
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  • ...Comprehensive Evaluation. Now that the board has ended the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation pattern as a result [[Joint Employment Test]], [[National Eligib ==The examination and effects of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation==
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  • ...f> ''Industry 2.0'' engagesin industry and technology leaders to provide a comprehensive overview of the manufacturing sector. The magazine is based in New Delhi.<r
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  • ...t Card Scheme in consultation with major banks in the country. }}</ref> to provide term loans for agricultural needs. Its objective is to meet the comprehensive credit requirements of the agriculture sector and by 2019 for fisheries and
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  • ...with her husband, [[Rajanikant Arole|Raj Arole]] for the award-winning [[Comprehensive Rural Health Project]].<ref> ...g/web/20140113144948/ |archive-date=13 January 2014 |url-statu
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  • ...hnology network, developed by the [[National Informatics Centre]] (NIC) to provide solutions and services and to monitor the services. A comprehensive IT solution has been developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC), to ena
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  • ...[[Central Board of Secondary Education]]. It follows the [[Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation]] pattern of education and offers education from grade levels Ki The school was started in 1988 to provide more affordable education to children belonging to families of [[Central Re
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  • ...the world the large corpus of “Fundamental Works” which are useful for any comprehensive study of the life and thought of Gandhiji. ...basic structure around which the Portal has been developed. The key texts provide first editions of the Key Texts of Gandhi. These are: ''[[Hind Swaraj]]'',
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  • {{for|a similar agreement|India–Singapore Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement}} |conventional_long_name = Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement between India and South Korea
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  • ...d Reforms Act and effective implementation and monitoring institutions to provide access to land and livelihood resources to the poor landless, homeless and *adoption of a legal provision to provide agriculture land to landless people and homestead land to homeless people.<
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  • ...revivalism'', Oxford University Press, p. 27</ref> The book also tries to provide a rational basis for Islamic beliefs.
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  • ...ears, has established a comprehensive global network of ground stations to provide Telemetry, Tracking and Command (TTC) support to [[satellite]] and [[launch ...ndependent processors for communications handling, dedicated processors to provide real-time displays for individual spacecraft missions and off-line processo
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  • ...l as to review state economies in terms of fiscal management and provide a comprehensive study of expenditures in various sectors.
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  • ...reviated to ''CCTNS'', is a project under Indian government for creating a comprehensive and integrated system for effective policing through [[e-Governance]]. The ...involves training of police personnel and setting up of citizen portal to provide services to citizens.<ref>
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  • ...ross sections. Computer-based models are increasingly used to provide more comprehensive information storage and greater flexibility of presentation.
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  • ...2014|language=Turkish}}</ref> The organization became notable for the most comprehensive field-level survey on the socio-economic status of Muslims living in West B The objectives of Association SNAP is to provide required services to all minorities in the state of West Bengal which inclu
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  • ...rowth as well as oil income. Marmore's infrastructure research attempts to provide intelligence and analysis on various developments in the sector to support ...generation. They usually follow the format of strategic research notes and provide the key breakout thinking on a topic. Topical themes are picked up for disc
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  • ...from being a nondescript hospital treating cancer patients to a well-known comprehensive regional center for [[cancer treatment]] and [[cancer research|research]]. ...titute of Medical Sciences, Hubballi. The current objectives are providing comprehensive undergraduate and postgraduate medical and [[paramedical]] education, and d
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  • ...the [[Central Board of Secondary Education|CBSE]] mandated Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE). Teachers can replace a large portion of paper-based CCE w ...ugust 2007, Amrita Learning partnered with broadband providers [[BSNL]] to provide educational content as part of their subscriber package. In February 2008,
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